Monday, November 24, 2008

The Prophet's Song

Lots of updates coming sometime when I have time. For now, this video was in my inbox this morning and I thought it was worth sharing.


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Be Kind to Me

You may or may not have heard of the blog Rocks In My Dryer, written by super saavy mother of four and Oklahoma resident, Shannon. It's one of *the* mom blogs for great ideas, interesting info, and a good laugh.
So you can imagine my reaction when I found out she wanted to write about my new business venture! Right now she's hosting a giveaway for Sugarhouse Ink gift cards on her blog and did a sweet little writeup about it too. Yay for good people on the internet!

-Michael Hurley-

Friday, November 07, 2008

Today's The Day

After months on the very fruitless and frustrating job hunt (and with national unemployment at 6.5% now!!!) I have been lucky enough to fall into a situation that is just about perfect.

Spencer's best friend has a very good reputation in the real estate community in Park City. He is busy starting his own business, so when Keller Williams approached him about helping them out with their marketing, he thought of me. Yay for good friends! We hammered out pricing and a proposal last week and today found out that it has been approved.

So here's the deal: I will essentially be a freelancer with office space at Keller Williams' office in Park City. Since they don't have any in-house marketing, I will be their "preferred vendor" for all things marketing - from photo shoots of new (mansion) listings, to designing brochures, ads, and websites. I have set my own rates, my own hours, can work from home when necessary, and have a solid potential client base of over 100 agents. I will not be on anyone's clock, so really I can work on whatever I want, which is great because I also have a little business I need to give some attention to on a regular basis. Basically it's ideal. Or at least it sounds like it will be.

I'm really excited!

-Aimee Mann-

Pardon Me

My blog will be undergoing some changes over the next week or so. Starting today. I have another blog that some of you know about called sarah style. Today I imported all of the posts from that blog (so if you're using a reader you probably were dozens of new posts here). This also means you might see new kinds of posts here (like the ones I did on sarah style). I'm also thinking about switching the url of this blog... we'll see. Just thought I'd let you know what's up. Stay tuned.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

All You Need is Love

Late on Sunday night, just weeks after his 90th birthday, my Grandpa Glen passed away. He had been declining for some time, and more aggressively in the last few weeks so despite being a time of loss there is a sense of relief as well. One of my favorite stories about my Grandpa Glen happened long before I (or my dad, for that matter) ever came along. (my dad is the cute little boy in the photo)

Apparently, as a young man my grandpa was quite the jokester. He worked on the railroad for a good portion of his life, and as a teenager my grandma and some of her girl friends liked to hang out at a little cafe near the tracks. They would flirt and joke over milkshakes, but there was never any expression or declaration of affection. I'm not sure how long my grandparents knew each other, but everything changed on the night of a high school dance. My grandma was getting ready for the dance and waiting for her date to pick her up when my grandpa showed up and told her she wasn't going to the dance because she was engaged! To HIM! And he wasn't joking! As my grandma tells it, her date showed up and she bashfully greeted him at the door to tell him she couldn't go because she had gotten engaged that afternoon. Despite having quite a sense of humor, at this point he was very serious and they were married a short time later. Although I'm not sure how I would react to my grandpa's tactics, it makes me smile to think of this scene playing out in real life. In my family. Little snippets from my grandpa's life seem often to happily resemble "It's a Wonderful Life."
-The Beatles-
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