Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Special Two

Today I ran into Greg on campus about thirty seconds after he sent me an email. How random is that? It is always so reassuring to run into an old friend that you can feel that at home with. It's like having your nest fluffed with down. Greg and I could talk for hours, but I had work and he had a final to take. We did get to talk music for a little while, and he introduced me to the lovely Australian Missy Higgins. This girl, inspired by artists like Aimee Mann, is incredible. I would recommend her album, The Sound of White, to anyone who can appreciate the semi-sultry vocals of an girl from down under with some jazzy undertones. So have a listen, mate!

-Missy Higgins-

Monday, April 24, 2006

Beautiful Mistake

Today was my last Sunday as a BYU student. This also means it was my last church meeting in a chemistry building. And my last ward prayer. It's really hard to believe that this is it! I look back on the beginning of the year and where I thought I'd be at this point and I can see how unpredictable life can be. It certaintly doesn't always go as planned. And although this is the ending of a wonderful and fun period of life, I know there are many adventures ahead!

It was a beautiful day. This afternoon Mark and I went up the canyon for a little stroll around Canyon Glen Park. As we talked and shot some photos, I couldn't help but think that he somehow resembled a fifth member of Il Divo. Things always seem to work out how they should, but sometimes in an odd way. I'm just happy that I learned some things and that we can still be friends.

But really, what it comes down to is that I'm just waiting to meet Mr. Darcy in New York, in his quiet, handsome solemnity. And just like Elizabeth, I will "bewitch him body and soul."

-Better Than Ezra-

Friday, April 21, 2006


I'm suddenly intrigued by the apathy that besets me. I guess I shouldn't even describe it as besetting me, since I welcome its urges without constraint. It's just funny how being a graduating senior in the last finals week of my life has brought such impassivity. While I could study for one of my two finals, I instead find diversion in packing up my life once again, playing the guitar and discovering new musical artists. I even started writing a new song while in the middle of recording my current piece de resistance: Missing Piece. It's true. I wrote a song based on Shel Silverstein's life-changing (for me) composition, "The Missing Piece Meets the Big O." The latter work is very much in progress and is yet untitled.

My musical discovery of the day is a young Washingtonian, Korby Lenker. I am especially a fan of his song "Papercuts." It reminds me osomeonene I used to know. I adore finding new music that reminds me of something, even if I know I've never experienced it. It's like everything I see reminds me of something I've heard in a song. Sometimes ultrasensitive emotions can only be expressed in a combination of lyrics and beats and tones. Music truly is the language of the soul.

I suppose I should mention that it's official. I will be spending my summer in two fascinating and contrasting cities: Portland, OR and New York, NY. Just to emphasize the differences a little more, let's look at some stats:

Portland: 556,000
New York: 18,976,457

Rent per Month
Portland: $300
New York: $800


Portland: 130 square miles
New York: 321 square miles

Singles Wards
Portland: 3
New York: 4

Portland: City of Roses
New York: The Big Apple

Year Discovered
Portland: 1843
New York: 1609

Shows I Plan to Attend
Portland: Sasquatch Music Festival
New York: Jose Gonzalez

Yeah, so this summer will definitely be an adventure! I am excited to learn a little more about life, myself and the advertising industry. Now, if I can only get through finals.

-Architecture In Helsinki-

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Amado Mio

Wow. What a night! Months ago, I was thrilled to find out that Pink Martini was coming to Park City and Jenny and I got some tickets. It was an incredible evening to say the least. If you haven't heard of the 12-piece Portland band, I would highly recommend them to anyone with the slightest taste for good music. I love how Thomas (the pianist) describes their music. "We’re kind of like musical archaeologists, bringing melodies and rhythms from different parts of the world together to create something which is modern. It’s like an urban musical travelogue…and I think as citizens of the world and in a sense as musical ambassadors for the United States, we must always strive to study the languages, customs, and histories of other countries. We’re very much an American band, but we spend a lot of time abroad, in Europe, in Turkey, in Lebanon and therefore have the opportunity to demonstrate that Americans are indeed serious about engaging in a dialogue with the rest of the world.” All I can say is that I'm counting down to the release of album number three.

-Pink Martini-

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Longest Winter

So I woke up this morning, showered, got dressed, and pulled out the filp-flops. Then I looked out the window. Behold, Utah's version of April - a veritable blizzard has descended on Provo. I quickly had to swap my t-shirt for sweater, pea coat, scarf and close-toed shoes. Needless to say, I'm ready for spring.

-Pedro the Lion-
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