Wednesday, March 28, 2012

15 Months

A few days ago, Clara turned 15 months old.  Time continues to fly and she is growing, changing learning at an incomprehensible speed.  We love this little girl so much!  She brings so much joy to our lives.  She is our little ray of sunshine!

Clara loves to sing!  We've known that she enjoys music since she was itty bitty, but now she will break out into song all the live long day.  There are a few little tunes that I've been singing to her since she was born, and she can sing them back to me perfectly (not the words, but the tune and the timing).  Often she will wake up singing.  She'll sing in her high chair, the bathtub, while swinging outside, and sometimes during sacrament meeting. :)  We are excited to see her love of music continue to blossom.

As the weather has warmed, she LOVES being outside.  She begs to go out and cries when we come inside.  She loves to explore the yard, go on walks, push her swing (she's not so into being pushed anymore), kick and throw balls, and chase bubbles.

Her newest words are ball, bubbles, diaper, and baby.

She loves clothes!  I usually take her to her closet in the morning and let her pick out two things - one outfit to wear, and one to play with.  She babbles to clothes on the hanger and loves to carry them around with her - maybe it's time to make some friends.

Her favorite toys are a small digital alarm clock that she can carry around, books, her baby (she loves to give kisses!), and her little push cart.  She loves to open and close doors, drawers, lids and zippers.  She loves to unload the bottom drawer of her dresser, her toy basket and her bookshelves.

Thankfully, she has picked up on the fact that if she lays relatively still, diaper changes will go more smoothly and quickly, allowing her to get back to playing faster.

She is a really, really good little girl.  Good at church, good in the car, good on errands.  Gives lots of hugs and kisses.  Has a laugh and smile that melt your heart.  Sleeps amazingly well.  The kind of little girl that makes you want to have a dozen more.

P.S.  Her little dress is the very first baby clothing item I ever purchased.  Before I ever even knew that she was a girl. :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Messy, Mushy Morning

When I know Clara is going to have a bath right after breakfast, I'll let her dive into a bowl of oatmeal rather than offering her usual breakfast fare of cheerios and bananas.

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