Saturday, August 24, 2013

Clara - 32 Months

Clara is so much fun right now!  Sadly I forgot to do a monthly photo shoot with her (one where I made her put her hair in a clip or something out of her eyes!).  But since I take photos almost every day, here are several from right around her 32 month birthday. :)
-Her favorite ways to move are twirling, running, and hop-hop-hopping.

-She is starting to LOVE pretend play.  She packs all of her guys in her little truck and tells me they are going downtown to see daddy at work, or visit Grandma Margie.

-Teddy and Baby are still her favorite side-kicks, though we do include puppy, bunny, sheepy, and "pec-a-lin" (pelican) once in a while. We're super creative with names for our stuffed animals (and our real ones...)

-Clara has a ridiculously good memory.  It really amazes me all of the people, songs and events that she remembers.  During "school time" I wanted to help her start memorizing some things and the first poem we tried (Little Things) she had down in a week!

-She has so much energy and is so bright and excited about everything.  I know little ones usually have a lot of energy, but I think her constant enthusiasm is a bit more unique and I just love her for the light it brings to our home.

-Clara's getting more and more independent.  She loves to put her shoes on by herself.  And take them off.  Usually the minute she gets outside, or in the car.  When she puts her shoes on the wrong feet, and if I tell her, she'll quickly take them off and put them on the right feet.  She'll ask me to make sure they're right.

-Clara is always aware of others and eager to heal wounds, offer hugs and kisses, or come up with solutions to make people feel better.

-She's so tuned in to how people are feeling.  When I get frustrated with her or another situation, she'll tilt her head to one side, look at me wide-eyed and say innocently, "Mama, are you a little bit upset?" (she's usually right!)

-We painted Clara's toenails for the first time this month, which she was super excited about (and I think I forgot to take a photo!), but I would not say she's girly about hair or other things.  Do you think she could be my child?  Ha.  She never wants me to do much of anything to her hair and only endures a morning comb through because I've convinced her that it's "just something big girls have to do."

-Clara does NOT like to experiment with trying new foods.  As much as she sings the Daniel Tiger song ("we try new foods 'cause they might taste goo-ood"), she will cover her mouth and protest if we ever attempt to get her to try something new (pretty much everything at dinner every night)

-If her hair is in her eyes and she's refusing a "pretty" (a hair elastic) or a "clippy" (clip), she'll push her hair to both sides of her face with both of her hands and say, "See, now you can see my pretty eyes."

-Has a strong aversion to dinner in general.  When I tell her it's time for dinner, she'll say, "no thank you! I want to have LUNCH!!"  I think it's because I tend to cater lunches towards what I know she'll eat (sandwiches, crackers, smoothies, apples, carrots, cheese, yogurt, etc.)

-She is in love with McDonald's.  YIKES!  How did this happen?  My little vegetarian, who otherwise has never even tasted meat (her call) will gobble down a chicken nugget happy meal in minutes.  If this is not a testament to the fact that those things are not made of meat, I don't know what is.

-Clara loves to wear "tie-tie" clothes... I made her a few shirts at our Bear Lake family reunion in July and they are her favorite "comfy" clothes.  I also did a pair of undies just for fun and they have turned into her favorites!  If she's wearing a tie-dye shirt, I better have those tie-dye undies clean and ready too!

-Still LOVES to sing and learn new songs.  Her favorite right now is "Mother, Tell Me a Story."  We sing it every night.  Multiple times.  And when we get to, "and gently speak," She says, "Stop.  This is my part."  And sings the rest in her darling little voice.

-Loves to build with her blocks and play with her train tracks!  Everyday for a good month we've been doing tracks and blocks and she never gets tired of it.

-Must be growing a lot because she takes 3-4 hour naps every afternoon. :)

-Is so aware of her baby sister and loves her SO much.  She always wants to give her hugs and kisses and make sure she is happy and warm and knows what's happening in the world.
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