Thursday, September 03, 2009

Made My Day

Despite all my best efforts to coupon, I've never been able to score terribly amazing deals with it... until now. I just have to share because I'm so excited about how it worked out!

At Target, Dreyer's ice cream is on sale for $2.50 per 1.5 quart. A decent deal.
But, they also have a deal going where you get a $5 Target gift card for every 5 tubs you buy. That brings the price down to $1.50 per tub. A pretty good deal. My sister Amanda told me about a coupon she found online for $1 off of one tub. Print if 5 times and you get each tub for $.50! I thought that was a total steal until last night when I was at Dan's and saw a tear-off pad in the freezer section for a $4 rebate when you buy 4 tubs of Dreyer's ice cream... which can only mean two things: 1)I had a freezer cleaning party this morning to make room for my new acquisitions 2) Dreyer's paid me $1.50 to take 7.5 quarts of ice cream off their hands. Hooray!


Amanda said...

Woohoo! I'm glad you were able to make the room. It's always fun scoring a good deal like that. Thanks for letting me know about the rebate. It was a perfect storm of coupon collaboration!

Joanna said...

I love it! You are a coupon fiend!

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