Clara's Weekly Photos

Check back each week and watch Clara grow!
During Your 42nd Week You:
-Keep cutting more teeth!  You've got 5 teeth right now, with 3 more starting to poke through. Thankfully you handle teething really well
-Said "Dada" (10/14/11) and possibly "duck"
-Pulled up to standing for the first time all by yourself (10/13/11) and mama found you happily bouncing on your mattress, holding on to your crib rail after your nap
-Eat whatever we're having for dinner - no more purees (although you DO love soup - butternut squash, chicken tortilla, chicken and rice have all been favorites)
 During Your 41st Week You:
-Officially splash too much for bathing in the kitchen sink and take all of your baths in the tub now 
-Love to chase your rubber ducky around the tub and suck on a washcloth
-Get startled every time water gets in your face
-Roll to get everywhere you need to go, but occasionally do a little army crawl (more like a squirm) too
-Shyly snuggle up to Mama's shoulder whenever you are around a new or unfamiliar face
 During Your 40th Week You:
-Said "mama"(9/25/11) which you now babbel all the time!
-Went to the doctor for your nine month checkup - you weighed in at 15 pound 5.5 oz (4th percentile) and measured 26 inches (8th percentile) - still so petite!
-Had your first visit to the ophthalmologist - you might need glasses eventually for some far-sightedness in your left eye, but for now we're just thankful that the leukocoria your doctor saw was really nothing
-Are becoming more and more of a mama's girl - Grandma Margie watched you while mama got her hair cut and you cried a lot...

During Your 39th Week You:
-Started cutting tooth #5
-Eat tons of finger food - cut up veggies and fruit and melon and cheerios and toast - you love to shove it all in your mouth and seem to eat whatever (and however much) you're given!
-Put your arms up to reach for mama whenever you want to be picked up
During your 38th Week You:
-Love to stand on the couch and look out the front window.  You squeal in delight!
-Light up when daddy comes home
-Have gotten really good at drinking from your straw cup
-Got your photos taken at a studio - you were pretty skeptical of the whole thing
-Had a major meltdown in an elevator, you were so scared! :(
During your 37th Week You:
-Are going through some sort of sleep transition and I haven't quite figured it out yet... but right now you're having a hard time with your afternoon nap
-Love to pat the kitty (and grab fistfuls of fur or belly fat for as long as she tolerates it)
-Still sleep really well at night despite the napping issues
-Went on a little hike up millcreek canyon with mommy and daddy
-Love to shriek and squeal and see how high your little voice can go
-Aren't quite crawling but love to practice on your changing table (much to mama's chagrin) - you get on your knees and head, but won't use your arms to move forward...
During your 36th Week You:
-Started cutting a second tooth on top
-Are starting to babble more and more wo-wa-bo-ba-ma
-Love to squeal when you're excited
-Are trying more finger foods - cheerios are a favorite
-Are still an awesome sleeper (12.5 hours at night)
-Love to sit and play
-Have gotten the pincer grasp down
-Learned to turn on and off a light switch (Grandma Carol taught you!)
During your 35th Week You:
-Got kind of needy (having separation anxiety?)
-Had a tooth pop through on the top (that's three now)
-Made every diaper change a wrestling match
-Love to clap mama's hands
-Play contentedly with a scripture mastery bookmark while mama reads you the BoM each day after breakfast
During your 34th Week You:
-Tried your first finger foods - you stuff them in with both hands
-Turned 8 months old
-Started vocalizing more making sounds like wo-ba-bo
-Started to clap mama's hand
-Are becoming more opinionated, but are still a very happy, agreeable baby
 During your 33rd Week you:
-Love to play peek-a-boo
-Went on your first hike (Lake Mary) with Daddy carrying you in the baby bjorn
-Spent lots of time with your adoring Richardson cousins
 During Your 32nd Week You:
-Took your first airplane ride and did super well
-Visited your Richardson cousins in California
-Saw the [Pacific] ocean for the first time and dipped your toes in too!
During Your 31st Week You:
-Celebrated your first 24th of July
-Turned 7 months old
-Have noticeably lengthened out - your legs are getting long!
-Started sitting independently really well
-Continue to slurp up any concoction your mama makes for you (all fruits, veggies and grains so far)
 During Your 30th Week You:
-Popped your second tooth (on the bottom)
-Started using the "milk" sign for lots of things - from what we can tell it can mean "mama" "more" or "want"
-Still love your homemade fruit pops and have discovered the joy of banging them on the side of your high chair as well as eating them
-Eagerly drink water from a cup whenever it's offered
During Your 29th Week You:
-Became such a wiggly little girl!  You do *not* want to sit still or lay still or be still for diaper changes.  You want to reach and turn and roll and move!  You'll likely be crawling soon.
-Have developed a deep love for your puppy!  He's definitely your favorite stuffed animal right now and you giggle with joy whenever he's around.
-Love chewing on straps (in the stroller, car seat or on the changing table) and are also very interested in technology - love grabbing the iPhone, trying to type on the laptop, and trying to reset mama's running watch/gps
-Started blowing raspberries
-Had your first popsicle (frozen banana and frozen applesauce - you devoured both kinds)
During Your 28th Week You:
-Celebrated your first 4th of July (although you napped during the parade and were in bed during the fireworks)
-Went to Lagoon for the first time
-Cut your first tooth (without much complaint!) (7/3/11)
During Your 27th Week You:
-Have gotten really good at passing toys from one hand to the other
-Went to the doctor for your six month check up and another round of shots - you weighed in at 13 lbs 14 oz (12th percentile) and measured 25.25 inches (31st percentile)
-Went for your first swim (6/28/11) and loved splashing in the pool at Georgetown
-Took your first dip in Bear Lake (7/1/11)
During Your 26th Week You:
-Tried a playground swing for the first time (6/18/11)
-Started putting your entire fist in your mouth
-Began squealing longer, higher and louder than ever (still very sweetly, though)
-Tried your first solid food!  Mashed avocado was a hit (6/23/11)
-Are still sleeping like a champ (you love to sleep with Mickey and a light blanket)
-Started getting up on your elbows when you're on your tummy
-Turned 6 months old!
During Your 25th Week You:
-Moved up to some 6-9 month clothes (but still fit in some tiny 0-3 month outfits too!) and *loved* getting to see your "new" clothes and squealed as each one was held up to you to test the size
-Got to greet your Payne cousins (and aunt and uncle) when they arrived on a visit from Washington
-Are sleeping a solid 12-13 hours a night without waking
-Continue to be a cheerful little delight!
During Your 24th Week You:
-Started sleeping on your tummy!  I still put you down on your back, but every time I come in to get you from sleeping you have rolled over to your tummy.
-Hold my thumb while you are eating, or rub your open palm back and forth over my chest; so sweet
-LOVE having your "teeth" (gums) brushed every night before bed.  We use a little finger brush and you would chomp on it all night if we let you
-Are still a great napper and night time sleeper
During Your 23rd Week You:
-Have become quite dexterous - you can reach for and grab anything you want to touch, hold, or put in your mouth
-Have a signature squeal-inhale laugh that is so cute and happy - we hear it a lot!
-Are more interested in sitting, but continue to love and prefer standing
-Are so interested in food.  You watch us take bites of food and follow food from plate to fork to mouth with your eyes.  Pretty sure you're going to love solids when you start them in a few weeks!

During Your 22nd Week You:
-Scoot and roll all around to get where you want to go
-Definitely know how to let people know when you're tired and have had enough
-Turned 5 months old!
-Helped Mama plant a vegetable garden
During Your 21st Week You:
-Rolled over from back to tummy (5/15/11)
-Have started to keep your little legs lifted during diaper changes - so helpful (and cute!)
-Still fit into several 0-3 month outfits
-Stayed home with Mama while Daddy went out of town all week for work
During Your 20th Week You:
-Helped you mom and grandmas celebrate Mother's Day!  We are all so happy you're here (especially me - I wouldn't be a mom without you!)
-Have kept up with the great sleeping habits
-Are getting a new crop of hair.  It's very light and fine.
-Started trying to reciprocate when we give you kisses
During Your 19th Week You:
-Are getting more and more coordinated each day - you enjoy turning the pages when we read and giving your stuffed animals a tight squeeze
-Slept amazingly well.  We worked on this one together, but I didn't have to do much.  You still go to bed by 7:00 every night, but now you sleep straight through until 5, 6, 7 or 8 in the morning.  I'm so proud.
-Love watching moving objects (the kitty walking around, mommy leaving the room) and will crane your neck and head to see what's going on
-Still LOVE to stand up.  I get huge smiles out of you anytime I stand you up on your changing table with nothing but a diaper on.
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