Friday, December 31, 2010

Twas Two Nights Before Christmas (or Twas the Night Before Clara)

Our sweet baby girl is one week old today!  I can hardly believe all that has happened in the past week - it has been a blur and a whirlwind, but life is sweet and wonderful.  We couldn't be more happy or feel more blessed.
I wrote this little (ok, long) poem to tell Clara's birth story.  There are definitely some details I left out -- like the fact that even after 24 hours of building contractions, there was never a true "this is it" moment.  At one point in the evening, a contraction hurt so much it made me cry (I had three of those throughout the day) and I told Spencer we should get ready to go, but I still wasn't super sure.  I was never really confident that I was progressing, or that we needed to go to the hospital.  Even after we arrived at the hospital, we sat in the car for several minutes as I debated if we really needed to go in (I really didn't want to get sent home).  I also didn't mention that after we packed up the car, we delivered Christmas cookies to neighbors on the way to the hospital.  There was no way that the six dozen cookies I made at nine months pregnant were going to go to waste, even if it meant I had to sit in the car through some pretty intense contractions while Spencer delivered them to our neighbors.  I will write a more traditional birth story out at some point which may or may not show up here.  But for now, please enjoy!

Twas two nights before Christmas, and all through the house
Eagerness built, as I called for my spouse
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
But the space neath tree empty; no presents found there

"Bring your iPhone" I yelped in a weary worn struggle,
Then fell in a chair; the cat wanting to snuggle
In moments he came; my husband appeared
And handed phone over as he quietly cheered

Finding the app, installed days before
"contraction counter" timed as I slumped on the floor
Then rising in pain between a scream and a cry
I heaved and wrenched, then melted to sigh

Near 24 hours had passed of labor early yet true,
As contractions inched closer and intensity grew
On birth ball, on bed, on foot and in tub,
On trying things naturally, aye there's the rub

Could this be the night of the birth of our first?
Another contraction; one of the worst
"This is it," I managed as I fell in a sag,
"Grab the computer, the iPod, the camera, and bag"

Then off to the hospital we drove in a dash
The fog thick and heavy as we avoided a crash
At arrival and check-in contractions slowed to a halt
"They'll think I'm a fool, and not worth my salt" 

Soon we were admitted, to Triage Room three,
As monitors checked my veracity
One quick check and the nurse soon was saying,
"Oh look at your progress! You're a five and you're staying!"

Admitted, at once the phone calls began,
"We're here, and we're having her - at least that's the plan!"
Soon grandmas and grandpas and siblings arrived
So much excitement, and sleep soon deprived

"This isn't so bad" was my constant refrain
But the nurses encouraged an epidural just the same
When news of a doc breaking water soon came
I consented and ne'er felt a twinge of shame

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear
The anesthesiologist and all of his gear
A couple of pricks and the numbness set in
The pain mostly gone, my face in a grin

When all of a sudden a warmth filled the bed,
My body beat doc to it, and broke my own water instead
Another quick check and I was in heaven
"You go girl," said the nurse, "hon, you're a seven!"

As deep pressure mounted, I gave a shout of hooray!
I'd meet my sweet girl soon; time to push, no delay!
Then chin to chest and count to ten,
Once, and twice, again and again

I curled around baby each time with great strain
As I pushed and I tried to composure maintain
Three hours of pushing only found the babe stuck
Neath a bone in my pelvis, and each push brought no luck

Finally my doctor was called to come in
At four in the morning - a different tone set in
"This baby's not coming," his mood very sober
"It's the knife or the vacuum - you think it over"

In moments he returned; our decision was clear:
Avoid surgery at all costs and get the babe safely here
Three more long pushes as doc pulled with his might
This baby would come, but not without fight

With one final push, then a sweet little cry,
Tears swirled down cheeks of all standing by,
A bundle of love gently placed on my chest,
My heart filled with joy -- this was the best!

Her eyes -- how they twinkled! Her dimples how merry!
Her cheeks were like roses, her nose like a cherry!
Her head full of dark, soft feathery hair
Her eyes wide and happy, awake and aware

Spencer and I just basked in the bliss
As we held our sweet baby and gave her a kiss!
We're so in love; a family of three!
And that is how Clara Jane Evans came to be

Clara Jane Evans
12.24.10 - 4:14 am
7 pounds 8 ounces - 19.5 inches

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Remember how I'm due to have a baby on Christmas Day?  And how I'm hoping that she comes before Christmas?  Yeah, still hoping.  Especially since my tentative induction date is set for January 1, 2011.  And even though 1.1.11 would be a super cool birthday, I'd love to have the baby this year.  Please send any labor-inducing vibes my way.

Also, I need some snow boots.  We were at REI the other night and I spotted these Sorel Tivoli's - so cute!  I think I'm in love.

Also, I'm curious what everyone is doing for neighbor gifts this year.  I think it's fun to do something a little different - like last years pico de gallo and chips, but this year I'm debating whether or not I have the energy to do anything at all.  At the same time, I know that it's just the kind of distraction I need at this point, so send your super easy ideas my way.
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