Wednesday, September 01, 2010

For The Babe

I've been working on lots of projects for our little one. I haven't been great about taking photos of everything I've made, but here are a few.

I bought some knee socks at Target and made them into baby legs. Baby legs are cute baby leg warmers that cost $12 a pair. Target knee socks are $2 a pair. And they take about 10 minutes to make. The after photos aren't that exciting - they'll be much better when there are chubby baby thighs sticking out of them. :)
I've heard that Target gets new knee socks quite regularly, so this could be a dangerous hobby to have.

I also cut out some cute fabrics to embellish plain old gerber prefold cloth diapers to make burp cloths. Easy peasy.
There are tons of tutorials for this around the interweb. My favorite is right here.

I'm also making some progress on the baby's room. I wish I was as inspired to work on my own bedroom, because I think hers will be pretty cool. For a color, I've settled on Benjamin Moore's Dolphin's Cove. I read about it in House Beautiful's blue issue when they interviewed various designers about their favorite shades of blue. It's a pretty Tiffany aqua blue that I think will go magnificently with the bursts of yellow and hints of pink I have planned for her room. More on that later.

Some other projects I've started: some quilts (yes, more than one... I can't help myself! Too many cute fabrics and color combos out there), t-shirts transformed into infant gowns, homemade roman shades for the windows, knit baby caps, a changing pad cover, a mobile and closet curtains (we're taking down the doors). So far it's lots of fun! Here's a peek at one of the quilts at an almost-done stage.
Also, I've learned that I'm definitely a better sewer than crafter...


Heather Richardson said...

So many cute things!! Lucky baby!!

Katie said...

Those are awesome, Sarah! I'm excited to see the finished nursery in all its' glory. I'm also excited to see those chubby baby thighs.

sheila said...

wow Sarah. That is so impressive. and your baby is one lucky girl! I love those leggings! Makes me wish I just had another girl. Boys are a little harder to dress up.

kwh said...

Awesome projects! I love the colors for the quilt. I get too intimidated at all the cutting required to put together a quilt like that, but maybe I should break down and try it this winter.... Hopefully we'll connect by phone soon! :)

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