Sunday, December 28, 2014

Clara's Friend Birthday

Clara turned four! We haven't quite figured out a defined frequency for friend parties, but I figured that since I was feeling up for it and Clara wanted it we'd go ahead and do one.  Clara has been obsessed with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for several months and we listen to the soundtrack several times a day.  A few weeks ago, she woke up in the morning and came running out of her room announcing that she wanted to have a Joseph party.

We decided to go with a technicolor theme (I use the word theme loosely), and had lots of fun getting everything ready. First up, invitations.  For me, this part is the most fun. I designed the invites and Clara designed the envelopes.

Decorations consisted of crepe paper and balloons. Easy peasy, and when you're four, balloons double as entertainment.

I had an idea for the kids to color Joseph's coat as they came in the house.  I was going to sketch a cartoony Joseph on butcher paper.  But my mom had an even better idea - make Clara her own little dreamcoat for her friends to color as they came in.  It was darling!  I sketched out a quick pattern and my mom serged the edges in one quick afternoon.  It turned out so cute and the kids had a great time coloring it.

For activities, we did a little bowling for rainbow pins game, and painting technicolor masterpieces.

Then we had a quick snack, some birthday cake, and opened presents.  The cake didn't work out how I had hoped, but I was totally fine with it (and Clara was too!).

Andrew didn't want to be in the picture, but here are Clara's cute little friends from Primary.  She was a little anxious about opening presents.  She told me later that she was nervous because she "didn't want to be disappointed."  I'm pretty sure most children that young aren't so in tune with their feelings, but Clara's always had a lot of self awareness.

Clara had a lot of fun and is so lucky to have a great group of sweet friends to grow up with! We love our little four year old!

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