Saturday, June 28, 2008

Through The Dark

(running up the pass near Jordanelle Reservoir)
Last weekend at this time I was running. In the heat of the day, and the dark of the night, and the early of the morn, I was running! My team (The Racing Hormones) had a great time running 180.5 miles from Logan to Park City. We did it in just over 30 hours. Everyone did their best and was severely sleep-deprived by the end, but it was a wonderful experience.
(At the starting line)
One of my favorite things about the race was to watch Spencer run and support all of our teammates. He is such an example to me of selflessness and compassion to all people. As a self-supported race, our "van" (a rented Ford Expedition) would leapfrog each runner and stop every mile or two to douse with water, hydrate with gatorade, and provide support, pain reliever, hugs/high fives, etc. Most of us took breaks from getting out to "support" the runner because we had either just run, were tired, sleeping, lazy, cranky, or sitting in the very back of the car. But I'm pretty sure Spencer was out of the van at every mile of the entire course, whether he was driving or not... gatorade and water in hand. He even ran my toughest hills with me (though he had 16+ miles of his own to run). I'm a very lucky girl.(The Racing Hormones)

(The first Spencer-Mandy exchange)
(a country road near Paradise, UT)
(near Snow Basin as night starts to fall)
(Spencer dousing Mandy)
(Sweet Victory)
-KT Tunstall-


Amanda said...

Wow, you guys are so inspiring! I am very impressed. I better get going - I am yet to run even a 5K.

Miriam said...

Wow! That seriously looks like so much fun! I might be stupid for thinking this- but I am jealous! Someday I will run it...someday :) Thanks for sharing!

J-E said...

That sounds amazing. I'm very proud that you finished! For some reason, I thought this race was about two weeks ago...I must have gotten the dates wrong. And you are a very lucky girl! I didn't even know Spencer was running it with you.

Hevansrich said...

Next to the wedding ones, these are probably my favorite photos of you two as a couple. wonderful.

Michelle said...

What an amazing thing to do! Congratulations to your whole team. And on a funny note, in that picture of Spencer doing the first exchange, the red brick house with the peaked roofs between him and the guy in the orange shirt is my grandparents' house! Good old Hyrum, Utah. What a fun surprise that was when I clicked on the photo and looked at it bigger!

iantohilary said...

You're amazing! WAY TO GO!!!

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