Wednesday, April 04, 2007

No One Knew Me

I was standing somewhere between half court and the three point line when someone threw me the ball at institute last night. I put down my bag and dribbled a few times as someone threw out the first wager, "Make it from there and I'll give you twenty-five cents."
"Twenty-five cents? Are you kidding? For this shot?" Someone else piped in, "Two hundred. I'll give you two hundred bucks." And another, "Put me in for twenty-five. Dollars."

The shot.

Pure air.

And then I moved up to the three point line. "Ok. Twelve fifty for this one."


I felt kind of silly taking his money. So we settled on dinner.

-Gary Jules-


Mason and Erika said...

Dinner, eh? Kind of sounds like a date to me.

Thank you institute and random basketball shots

jacq said...

you two are going to have such beautiful, professional basketball playing children.

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