Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End

It's August and as the Indigo Girls would say, "summer's beginning to give up her fight." The days are slowly fading into earlier sunsets and watercolor memories, but not without hope for the upcoming autumn. Fall is absolutely my favorite season, and with good reason! Even though it's the beginning of an end it's also the beginning of a beginning. Maybe school starts in the fall just to help us forget that the season cycle is hastening to its bitter, cold, gloomy end. (I won't get into my thoughts about schools that start in August... really, summer should last for as long as the pool is open, don't you think?)

Even though I'm working full-time now, I can't seem to escape the structure and excitement that come with a new school year. I don't have to buy notebooks and pencils, but I've decided that I will buy a Holga whether or not I end up taking a class on Toy Cameras. More than likely I'll also be scouring DI for some cool furniture for my upholstery class, and rummaging through local art stores for cheap blocks of clay for my wheel-thrown pottery class. Of course, I might have to miss a class now and then for a BYU football game or an out of town excursion -- San Francisco, New York, Vermont, Southern Utah and Portland are all looking like very likely options.

And everyone had me thinking that grown-up life wasn't going to be as fun...


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Amanda said...

Sounds like a lot of fun classes!

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