Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I know, I know. It's been forever since I've blogged. And I'm not here to say that I'm back. But I'm here to say hey. The giant wedding list is oh-so slowly, but ever-so surely getting checked off. We've got a place (Salt Lake Temple + Old Meeting House), a date (May 16th!), a time (late morning wedding, early evening reception), a dress (gorgeous), a photographer (only one of the most important things of the day!), 99% of the guest list and addresses(well, on my side), a honeymoon (still need to get work off...), and soon (Saturday), a florist. Phew. I don't even want to list off what remains to be done, because if I start thinking about it too much, I'll be in the car with my honey on my way to Vegas to get this all over with before you can say... Happy Easter.

So. I don't think I've mentioned this. But it's a slightly strange phenomenon for two people who are typically pretty conservative with their Benjamins. It's something that both Spencer and I have been experiencing and it's... kind of weird: an insatiable desire to spend money! Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration. And it's not just to spend, but more like to acquire. It's those last few weeks before everything will be shared and and we'll have to consult one another before spending certain quantities of moola. I feel that most of my spending that falls into this category has consisted of things I have either needed or wanted for a long time, or a slight upgrade to something that I might normally purchase. Here are a few examples:

1) My iMac has been so deathly slow lately I just can't take it anymore. So yesterday I bought 1 GB of RAM to help speed it up. This will be triple the current speed, so I'm pretty stoked for the possibilities. I could have bought the $100 version on the Apple Store, but I opted for MemorySuppliers.com where I got it for like one third of the price. Yess...

2) Swimsuits for the honeymoon. We are going to Hawaii, after all. I think I deserve some cute swimsuits. But were it not such an occasion, I would probably not be treating myself to them at such a store.

3) I've been pining after the trendy plastic Holga cameras for quite some time now. And yesterday I finally gave in and bought one. The only drawback is the cost of film and processing, but me, oh my, I cannot wait for it to arrive!

4) The deductible on my car insurance. Oh wait, this doesn't fall into either of those categories. Neither planned nor desired. And definitely not an upgrade. Just some punk who did $5000 of damage to my precious little car. :(

-Eddie From Ohio-


J-E said...

haha. I know EXACTLY what you mean. There was one purchase, however, that I never completed. We have a joke that our "pre-nup" is that I can by a camel-colored, tailored, princess-lined, beautiful winter coat whenever I find the one I want and regardless of the price. I never found the perfect one before funds were consolidated, which can be a scary experience. You're so used to doing what you want, when you want, but you just can't after. Kind of freaky at first...but then really nice. And I bought new swimsuits.

becca said...

i actually clicked on all your links to get more info. haha. i don't usually do that.

Hevansrich said...

Good Luck with everything! It sounds like you are enjoying the experience which is a great thing. Looking forward to the big day...let us know if there is anything we can do to be of help!

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