Friday, May 02, 2008

Come Pick Me Up

I've been realizing that my blog has become a complaint forum for me lately and I'd like to change that.

Lots of happy big and small things have happened lately that may or may not be worthy of sharing. Also, my poor neglected blog needs a little update! On my roommate blog we would call a post like this "Things from Recent Life." Here goes.

1. Things for the wedding are coming together quite nicely! There have been many a bump along the way, but everything so far has been pulled together beautifully - whether it was Plan A, B, or C. I'm getting to the point where there's not much left to think about. Phew.

2. I moved a bunch of my stuff over to Spencer's house last night. It's bittersweet to leave my home on Sherman Ave. Obviously I'm excited for the changes in life that are ahead, but I will certainly miss my little home, the garden, the yard, the porch swing, the neighborhood runs, and especially seeing my dear roommates every day.

3. I am so happy that Spencer and I go running together at least once a week. It seems like running is the human version of defragging your system. Moving and breathing do wonders for the soul.

4. I love Thursdays! Have I ever mentioned that? They are definitely my favorite, and have been for years. Fridays are so overrated, and I'm usually just tired from a long week (and probably because I was living it up on Thursday). But honestly, Thursdays... so good. The only television worth watching usually happens on Thursdays (The Office), Spencer and I go running on Thursdays, and tonight we're barbecuing! I like to pretend that I can stay up late on Thursdays and play because Fridays are a day of little consequence. That may or may not be true.

5. In two weeks I'll be in Hawaii. Ha!

6. I got my tooth all fixed up on Monday and found a really good dentist that I think I'll stick with.

7. Next week I'm working two half days and then I'm not coming back until June. This will be the biggest break I've had since my early days of high school summers. Maybe before that.

8. Spencer and I are planning on biking the Oregon Coast in August. If you know of any good places to stay or camp, let me know.

-Ryan Adams-


Erin The Great said...

I'm so excited for you! You more then deserve all the good things coming your way. It's ok to use your blog as a venting post... it helps a lot and by doing so, there is always someone who can relate. You're great!

Keoni and Sheila said...

YOu better post all kinds of photos from the wedding and Hawaii. CONGRATULATIONS again and I pray for the best in your new adventures with marriage.

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