Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Many of you may know that I've been thinking about starting my own little business. Well I'm just about ready to launch it in two parts: SE|design (this site is a work in progress) for stuff a business might need like brochures, catalogs, packaging and such, and Sugarhouse Ink for more personal needs like announcements, invitations, photo cards, etc. I'm very excited about it and think it could really go somewhere. But I need your help.

Right now all of my birth announcement samples have one of 3 baby photos in them, wedding announcements only have photos of me and Spencer, holiday cards only have photos I have taken of my sister's family.... you get the idea. Basically I need some good images of new babies, couples, families, and graduates so all of my samples don't look the same. If you could help a sista out, please send your photos to:{at} Thanks a bunch! I'll let you know when I launch!

-The Beatles-


Keoni and Sheila said...

Well you know i have A LOT of baby photos. I'm no photographer though. You can do what you want with them. I'll send them to you email address.

Mooney said...

Haha, I have none of these things.

I'm so alone.

Joanna said...

Sarah! That is wonderful! I think this is totally perfect for you. I know we haven't talked, but I just wanted to say that I am so excited for you! Miss you!

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