Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So, I've been kind of busy

I've never had such a long blogging hiatus. My apologies. Perhaps my absence is justified by the fact that my life has been completely consumed in the process of purchasing a home. In less than 48 hours, we should officially be homeowners! We'll definitely post some photos when we get settled in, but for now, a few from the MLS:
(we are super stoked for the big backyard and mature ash trees!)
(and for the newly updated bathrooms)
(and cool built-in bookshelves around the stone fireplace) (and hardwood floors!!)

In other news, I've been busy shaving my husband's head (on accident), getting ready for the move, trying to find renters for our condo (if you know anyone who might be interested, let me know!) and prepping for a lesson I taught in church on Sunday. After compiling all my notes on my laptop and needing to print from my desktop, I unintentionally emailed my lesson to some mysterious Sarah McSomething instead of myself - someone I probably did a craigslist transaction with many moons ago. Oh well, at least now she knows all about living in peace and harmony with others. Can't get angry at me for that now, can she?


Heather Richardson said...

Who knows, you may get an awesome Ensign article out of that accidental email story someday...:-)

And, love the house!!! Now I am VERY excited for our trip next month.
Cannot wait!!

Congratulations Spence and Sarah!

sheila said...

oh sarah, that house looks adorable. I'm really excited for you.

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