Thursday, May 28, 2009

poplar as a chair

Back in the depth of gray winter, I decided to spice up my life by taking a community class with my friend Mandy. We took "Make An Adirondack Chair" at West High. For seven weeks we spent a few hours each Thursday night in the wood shop transforming raw lumber into beautiful Adirondack chairs. The price for the class has since gone up, but at the time $35 to walk away with a handmade hardwood chair was a steal by any comparison. Overcoming my fear of most power tools was just a bonus.

Halfway through the class I decided to make two chairs (who wants to sit alone?) and thus walked out of the last night at the high school with my arms full of jigsawed and sanded - but not quite assembled - chair pieces. Over Memorial Day weekend I finally found some time to put pieces together and Mandy helped me remember the final steps of assembly the other night. I'm very close to finishing the second chair as well, but for now I guess I'll be sitting alone.


MegRuth said...

Wow! Amazing work! I wish they had classes like that in Vegas. Maybe I shall look.

Mollie said...

It looks great! I can't believe I didn't jump on the set of Adirondack rockers (2 singles and 1 double) for $50 at a yard sale the other day. That one is going to haunt me. I hesitated for 2 minutes and someone else bought them up.

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