Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10 Months

Where has the time gone?  Our sweet Clara is ten months old!

At ten months she... still on the petite side of things.  In fact, our pediatrician thinks she'll be off the charts in height and weight by her next visit.  But she is healthy and growing.
 ...loves to sit and play and entertains herself quite well.  Her favorite toys are her keys and her puppy. really into books and her favorite right now is Playtime Peekaboo.  She loves to be read to, but will also grab a book, turn the pages and babel to herself.

...has become quite vocal.  She loves to practice new sounds and says "mama" and "dada" all the time.

...definitely loves her parents and can get very shy around people she's not familiar with.  I personally love this, because it's one of the only times she'll snuggle into my chest or shoulder (while flashing a coy little smile to the stranger).

... has been known to cry on occasion when left with a loving relative.

...lights up whenever her daddy walks into the room.  She LOVES her daddy and will kick her legs and smile and squeal every time she sees him.

...loves to pat her kitty cat, who is quite tolerant of her sometimes-less-than-gentle antics.

...continues to be a stellar sleeper, sleeping 11-12 hours at night and taking two 2-hour naps during the day (at 9 and 2).

...eats just about everything that we eat (feeds herself) and despite her small size has quite the appetite.  She can't shove the cheerios and bananas in her mouth fast enough.  She can eat an entire apple or peach for lunch.  The only foods she hasn't loved are broccoli and green beans.

...has eight (!) teeth and she knows how to use them. still breastfeeding and loving it.

...enjoys going on walks and running errands with me and sitting in the carts at stores where she can see everything that's going on.

...apparently has a fear of large pumpkins and elevators.

...communicates by nodding her head which is so cute and funny, but quite helpful:  "Clara, do you need more cheerios?" head nod yes-yes-yes! not crawling yet, but can definitely get around - she rolls and pivots and pulls up to stand.  She also does this thing where she gets up on her toes and balance on her head.  So silly!

...LOVES to stand and bounce and she loves to stand on the couch facing the window to see what's happening outside.

...still wears some 3-6 month size clothes, but mostly 6-9 month size. so expressive!

...refuses to sleep at church, even though it's nap time.  She loves her bed and does not like to try to sleep elsewhere.  As much as daddy would love her to fall asleep in his arms, it's only happened once or twice (ever).

...has a favorite time of day, and it's bedtime! She gets so excited when we do the "jam jam" and put her in her crib.

This little doll has definitely won our hearts, but with a smile like this how could she not?


Joanna said...

What a cutie - and looking so grown up! :) These are some really adorable pictures, Saritas!

BWei said...

She really is such a dollbaby. I love that smile.

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