Tuesday, November 08, 2011

and another new calling...

Part of the reason I may seem a little stressed about my new calling, is that it came only one week after the Stake Presidency called to meet with us and extended the call for Spencer to be the new Elders' Quorum President.  Right after we moved in, Spencer was called to be the secretary.  After a few months, he was made the second counselor.  Just a few weeks ago, our Bishopric was reorganized and the first counselor was put into the Bishopric - leaving Spencer as the new (but never sustained or set apart) first counselor.  Now he's come full circle with his new calling as President.

We knew that change was coming - our whole ward has been ripe for a change and in the past six weeks, every organization except the Primary and Sunday School have been completely reorganized.  Working with the youth can be a big time commitment, so I had a close friend say, "maybe they felt like they could snatch you up for a busy calling, since Spencer will probably be released soon."  I had to laugh and just say, "we'll see..." since I knew about Spencer's new calling but no one else did.

I'm super proud of him and excited for the chance he'll have to revitalize the quorum.  He is such an example to me of selfless service and compassion; always thinking of others.  It was really neat to be able to attend Elders Quorum on Sunday and see him get sustained and set apart.  I was very impressed with how the Stake handled the whole process.  Spencer will be a great President. And as his counselor [by way of covenant] I'm calling for a few more social events.  I'm already thinking about a Valentine's couples party...


I've been working on my family photo books for 2009 and 2010 and sadly there are some months where I didn't blog a thing.  Now I'm far enough away from those months that it really is difficult to remember if anything significant happened that I just forgot to document.  Either way, I'm going to try to use this blog more like I used to...  even if there are no big events to be recorded, I can at least journal a bit and know [in the future] that months didn't go by without thinking or feeling or doing anything.  Ok.  That is all.

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