Tuesday, December 13, 2011

just some thoughts

Some nights, long after Clara is in bed, Spencer and I will sit at the computer and just look and look at pictures of her.  We can't help it; we miss her while she's dreaming in the next room.  It's hard to believe that she'll be a whole year old in less than two weeks.  I feel like this year has whizzed by with remarkable speed and despite my best efforts to hold on to every moment of her babyhood, our little girl is growing so fast.  She's already taken her first steps (only a few) and stands unsupported for longer spells each day.

I look at photos like this one and think, "oh, what happened to that round little face? and those jolly little cheeks?"
May 9, 2011
Her cheeks may have thinned out a bit, but her sweetness is ever growing.  Clara's never been an ultra-cuddly baby.  She rarely sleeps in our arms and most snuggles are reserved for when she's feeling shy around new faces.  But lately as she's grown a bit more attached to her blanket, she'll snuggle right into my shoulder after a nap.  I'll lift her out of her crib and she'll gently but deliberately pat my back as she lays her head on my shoulder.  It is, perhaps, the sweetest part of my day.

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