Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Beginnings

New Beginnings was our first "big" activity as a new Young Women organization.  I consider any activity a 'big' one when there are invitations, decorations and a parting gift. :)  I was lucky to have my dear friend Kendra to inspire me with an idea for the program that the rest of the presidency liked.  We assigned each of the girls one of the YW values and they were to chose a woman who exemplified that value and prepare a short talk about her.  The girls did a great job - the women they chose were everyone from family members to Sister Hinckley.  We also have a lot of musical talent in our group, so we had a violin solo and a saxophone solo.

The worldwide mutual theme this year is "arise and shine forth" and there have been lots of great ideas on pinterest to take inspiration from.  We decided to go with a theme of light, so our colors for the evening were sunshiny yellows and oranges.  I think everything turned out really cute!


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