Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This year, we thought Clara would be into looking for eggs, so we set up a little egg hunt for her in the backyard on the day before Easter.

Right after breakfast, we dyed the eggs together.  Well, mostly I dyed them and Clara sat in her high chair pointing and saying, "pretty" over and over.

Then, later in the afternoon, we had a little egg hunt.  I put a few eggs out in the grass (plastic ones with some fun little  toys inside) and with our help, she found them.  She was pretty over it after finding one or two - I don't think she realized there were more for her to find.  But it was still fun!

On Sunday morning, Easter baskets awaited and Clara totally "got" it.  She went right to her basket and started excitedly pulling out her treasures - some headbands, a book, a picture of Jesus, some animal magnets.  She loved it.  She even got try a jellybean, which she thought was the best thing ever.

After church and a quick nap (we actually had to wake Clara up), we headed to my parents house for Easter dinner with both of our families.  My mom always does such a beautiful job of creating an occasion.  The table was really elegant and festive.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner and afternoon together.  Clara scored two more easter baskets (thanks to both grandmas!) and looked so cute in her little spring dress.

This picture reminded me of a photo of me and my dad on a spring day in Oregon.  I'll have to find it and scan it in.

Two bummers: no photo of everyone who was at dinner and no family photo of the three of us.

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