Thursday, October 25, 2012

Clara's First Big Bug

Clara has a ridiculously strong immune system and up to this point in her life, she's only had two small colds, and one other random fever.  She's thrown up twice, but I think both were due to overeating and then being held/squeezed the wrong way - not because she was sick.

But this week, Clara got super sick and it was sad and a little scary.  With Spencer out of town, we were staying at my parents house on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning as soon as she woke up I could tell that she had a fever.  She was burning up, but otherwise seemed her happy and unaffected self.  So I really didn't think anything of it.  Then we sat down for breakfast and she only ate a few bites, refusing to touch some of her favorite foods at all.  About 30 minutes later she completely hit a wall and became really lethargic.

She only wanted to be held (by my mom) and was almost falling asleep in her arms.  Sleepiness at ten in the morning is not part of Clara's current life or personality, so I was getting a little nervous.  I ran to the store to pick up some tylenol and a thermometer.  I think I pretty much broke her little heart when I took her temp and after that she really only wanted my mom.  Her temperature was about 102.5 and when we tried to give her a little tylenol she threw up her breakfast.  Poor little thing. We stripped her down to her diaper and she made a little nest for herself on the floor while we put Sesame Street on for her.  She tucked her little legs under her tummy and fell right asleep.

I'm sure there are many times as a parent that you wish you could trade places with them, and when they are sick is definitely one of them!

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