Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Your Opinions Please

The time has come to replace our $20 Ikea living room rug with something a little more substantial and grown up.  Actually, the time came a long time ago... but my nesting instinct is finally forcing me to get this taken care of.

Our living room is mainly dark brown, beige and aqua blue.  The chairs with the big floral pattern have accents of a mustardy yellow color.  I have found several rugs that I like, are within our price range, and meet Spencer's criteria of 'not too light' (for the most part).  Some are wool, some are synthetic.  They have good reviews.  I feel like with the three chairs with floral-y patterns of different scales that a more geometric pattern is appropriate (rather than yet another floral pattern).  I snapped a quick photo of our current living room - the area where the rug is, at least - and popped in our different rug options.  All of these rugs are larger than our current 4x6 Ikea rug, but it was easier to just fill the space that the rug already occupies.

Here is what the living room looks like right now:

The Brown-Beige Indoor/Outdoor Rug (as seen on Centsational Girl - she has it in their living room too and raves about how it stands up to the daily abuse as their highest traffic room)

Next up, The Caspian - a nod to Spencer's preference of something more tradtional

The Handmade Trellis Indoor/Outdoor Rug

The Luna Easy Care Trellis

The Luna Marrakech Wool Rug

And then I start to wonder if all this neutral stuff is too conservative, and I need to play off an accent with something like the Gold Handmade Luna Marrakech.

Thoughts?  I'd love your input.


Jackie said...

i love your furniture! awesome prints on your chairs. i like the first and the last rugs the best. right now we have the yellow ikea rug and i really love it, even though i see it everywhere http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50168285/ but it's good quality and i really love the color and pattern. we used to have the ikea rug that you have right now and it's the worst, it's like a lint and hair magnet. good luck! and you should post more pictures of your cute house.

Meg Ruth said...

Yellow is my favorite! I love how bright it is!

kwh said...

Vote #1: The Luna Easy Care Trellis
Vote #2: The Brown-Beige Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Amanda said...

I think the Brown- Beige is on the verge of being too light, unless it ties together with your drapes - can't totally tell from the picture. I don't think the Caspian works as well with your furniture. The indoor/outdoor trellis is a little too busy. The next two are my favorite; I like the larger pattern that's adds interest while not being too busy - and not quite as dark as your current rug. I think the yellow would be cute if you tie in a couple yellowish accessories in the room and maybe have a coffee table to break it up a little. And there's my essay :)

Whitney said...

I don't know if you still need my opinion, but I think the yellow is definitely the best.

Krista said...

I like the Luna Marrakech wool rug.

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