Monday, June 10, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

On the Friday before Easter, we had a fun Easter egg hunt at my parents' house.  My sister Amanda was in town with her kids on Spring Break and they were headed home the next day.  Emma made signs early in the week to let everyone know of the upcoming event.

Before the hunt we enjoyed one of those rare, lovely days in March with a picnic outside.
Before the hunt, each kid was assigned a color.  They could only find eggs of that color.  My mom had cute little containers for the kids to keep their eggs in.
 Clara really enjoyed the hunt and finding all of her pink eggs.

 The of course, they all dug right into the loot after the eggs had been found.

 Clara wasted no time digging out her chocolate. And stuffing it right in her mouth.

 And she loved hanging out with her cousins. She and Josh are good buddies.

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