Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Little Family Getaway

This summer, when for a few short weeks Spencer's work schedule became manageable and we started having dinner together as a family again, we started talking about taking a family trip.  Other than trips with extended family and little overnighters in Park City or downtown, we hadn't taken a good, old fashion family vacation since Clara was just over a year old.  Actually, that was kind of a quick weekend trip too!  I guess we aren't very good at taking trips, but it's something we're working on.  We debated spending a weekend at the beach, but as work started to pick up again we settled on a local-ish destination: Moab, Utah.

We hadn't been to Moab since our first anniversary, but it's a great little getaway.  Clara loves to hike and explore the mountains and canyons close to home, so we were pretty sure she'd love it too.  Betty qualified for an Access Pass (free entry to all National Parks for life), so we wanted to take advantage of that since there are two great parks in Moab. Plus, Spencer's cousin generously offered to let us stay at their vacation home there.  Everything came together pretty perfectly.


All told, we went on four great hikes together as a family.  Spencer carried Betty on his back in the Ergo and Clara pranced along happily, throwing rocks in rivers, enjoying the natural sand boxes between rock crevices and basking in all of the beauty of Heavenly Father's creations.  More than once she said, "Wow, Heavenly Father did a really great job making this!" She was a real trooper on some of the longer hikes!

Because a "polar invasion" blasted most of the country while we were there, it was on the cooler end of November's spectrum of temperatures, but the high 30's with sunshine proved perfect hiking weather.  Clara refused to wear a coat, but we all ended up removing several layers along the trail, once again authenticating the wisdom of a three year old. A three year old who also happens to be a great photographer!

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BWei said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for these beautiful updates and pictures. I have thought about you more than once and wondered how things were going with sweet Betty. I loved your message about acting and not just waiting to be given an assignment. I am pregnant and have been morning sick and have been very touched by the (both non-members!) who have brought me an unasked for meal, both of which were such blessings. Thank you for your thoughts!

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