Saturday, September 02, 2006

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

For all who have been wondering, I have safely arrived in Brussels, unpacked and settled into my fully Ikea-ed out flat, started work, and already traveled outside of the city. So far, so good. Here are a few things I have been thinking about:

*What do Belgians do with themselves since their entire country shuts down at 6 pm every day?
*What will I do with myself in Belgium since I work until 6 pm every day?
*How do Belgians have so much money to spend on classy shoes when they don't ever work past six o'clock?
*Why doesn't America have better public transit systems in more cities?
*Where can I find some good books to read in english, since I'll apparently have nothing to do on the week nights?
*How good can I get at the guitar if I have 4 hours to practice every day of the week?
*When will I start to feel useful at the office?
*Will I ever get sick of Belgian waffles or chocolate?
*How do Europeans stay so skinny with the best waffles and chocolate to eat?
*Why do European keyboards put all the letters in the wrong places?
*When will my boss get the internet fixed in my apartment?
*When I am done here, where in the world will I end up?

Just some thoughts. I will definitely post some photos when I get online from home.

-Nicky Holland-

1 comment:

Erika and Mason said...

Love the song... takes me back to BDA :)

I also love the random thoughts and often found myself thinking the same thing about many european places in general: how can they be so skinny with all that food? I think the answer is in another question - Public Transportation (gets them off their butts, unlike some lazy American counterparts... I say as I sit on my own behind at work).

I found that it was all of a sudden okay to eat chocolate every day while in Europe. Do I do that in the States? No way!

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