Friday, September 08, 2006

What You Wish For

I promise I have not been on blogging hiatus by choice. I've actually been aching to blog and post my pictures of adventures in Belgian forests and small medival towns. It's my manager's fault. He has not installed the internet in my flat yet. I told him that if it didn't happen soon, I was going to go on strike. It seemed like a very European thing to do. So I still haven't gone on strike, but I am blogging from work. Close enough, right? So, yeah.

This is just a quickie. But here's a short list of things that I wish I had here with me right now:
  • some good books in English (Forster - A Room With a View, Steinbeck - East of Eden, Chevalier - Girl With a Pearl Earring, those should suffice)
  • my nike hiking shoes
  • The Office, seasons 1 & 2 on DVD
  • ice cold milk
  • hair dye (I'm in one of those moods)
  • a private guitar instructor
  • the internet at home
  • that's all

This weekend is all about biking Holland.


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