Wednesday, December 12, 2007

After All

I like to make yearly goals around the time of my birthday rather than at New Years time. It just makes more sense for me. I did it last year, and have to be accountable for my progress (or lack thereof. Here are my goals from last year.

1. Run five races (I ran two)
2. Run a half-marathon (included in the five races) (I tried several times, but it never happened...)
3. Get a "real" job (done!)
4. Save ten percent of my income (please...10% was a wimpy goal)
5. Drink no soda (I did pretty well, but can't say I had a 100% soda free year)
6. Travel to at least one place I've never visited (Hmm... I can't think of anywhere. Sad. Have I officially arrived at adulthood?)
7. Read more books (done and doing! I'm in the middle of ten or so right now...)

This year my goals are similar, but still important.

1. Run a half-marathon
2. Run a 5K
3. Run a 10K
4. Make a quilt (finish the one I started)
5. Knit a new something...
6. Read at least one book each month (that may not sound like much, but life gets so busy!)
7. Finish a Blurb book
8. Save money
9. Take a class for fun
10. Travel to somewhere I've never been

-Sondre Lerche-

1 comment:

Christina said...

All very worth goals. 2008 looks promising for you! I was just writing down my goals in my personal journal...maybe I'll share it with the world too.

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