Monday, September 29, 2008

Just a Dream

Ever had a dream related to blogging? I think last night was my first. A group of girls from BYU (didn't recognize any faces) and I decided to organize a pr/advertising conference around the influence of blogging in those arenas... so naturally we had as our host none other than Design Mom. We all flew to New York and had a big sleepover at her very cool house (though it was quite different from the photos I've seen on her blog). The last thing I remember was standing in the dark and the rain in Central Park trying to get Spencer's camera to work so I could take a photo of us all. Strange sometimes, these dreams of mine.

-Gabe Dixon Band-


ralph said...

Yay for sleepovers at my house!

Design Mom said...

Oops! That last comment was mine, and no my son Ralph's.

Uptown Girl said...

My first thought was, "whoa, cool Design Mom's son read my blog!" But the woman herself... very cool indeed.

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