Monday, December 01, 2008

Cold Turkey

I realize I'm a little late with the Thanksgiving post (hence the cold turkey). We managed to have a splendid Thanksgiving celebration with both of our families. Spencer's brother and his family came to Utah and we had dinner at Spencer's parents' house, who were also kind enough to invite my parents to the feast.

Spencer often comments that his family isn't too big on tradition or ceremony, but a few days before Thanksgiving it came out that his family has one of the coolest Thanksgiving traditions around: every year before the feast they go BOWLING! This is definitely one that will be carried on...
-John Lennon-


Hevansrich said...

I'm glad to hear your declaration that you plan to carry that tradition on! I have failed miserably with my own year for sure!

I'm glad you all had a happy thanksgiving together!

Anonymous said...

LUCKY!! I want to go bowling with you and BJ and Sarah and Lulu and Cameran and Barbra and Spencer!!

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