Tuesday, December 30, 2008

for people and things that went before

I really love this time of year, because I love thinking about new goals and a new year is a beauty of a fresh start. There are a lot of goals and projects I'm thinking about for 2009... Here's some of what's been on my mind:

  • finish the quilt I started in 2007 (just needs batting and backing...)
  • take an international trip with Spencer (we're thinking SE Asia or SE Europe)
  • make a beautiful photo book of wedding events
  • go through overwhelming book collection and sell lots
  • consume less: buy nothing for the house or myself for as long as I can hold out (I need another stint to Brazil to help me remember how little we really need)
  • finish a few projects around the house (touch up painting, hang art/photos)
  • find a half-marathon to run that doesn't have a lottery...
  • prepare and plan meals more thoroughly to waste less food
  • expand and refine the sugarhouse ink product line; invest time and money wisely to grow the business
  • find meaningful ways to serve and give and share with humanity to feel more real
  • learn to drive stick shift
  • stay on top of projects and learn to work more quickly, efficiently, and flawlessly
  • get off of at least 80% of the email lists I'm on to simplify my life (goodbye macy's, j.crew, old navy, gap, jo-ann's, amazon... hopefully I won't see you again until I'm actually ready to buy something)

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