Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lost and Gone Forever

So remember how I lived in Belgium for four months and took thousands of photos? And traveled every weekend to beautiful places? Well, I recently discovered that I have somehow lost all but a few of the photos I shot during my time there... I wanted to get some prints enlarged from Prague, and the images are nowhere to be found. So sad. So, so sad.

(Jackie, did I burn you discs of any pics?)



jacq said...

oh no that is terrible! even on your external harddrive they are not there? i know i have some from a few trips of yours, but i don't think i have everything. i'm out of town until tomorrow but i will check when i get back. ahhh

Hevansrich said...

Ugh, I'm sorry about that! Being a recent victim of photo-loss, I am feeling your pain! But, thanks (once again) to your tech support, I think I'm able to find all my pictures, they just are not nicely organized in my iphoto as they once were.

Good luck!

bethany said...

Wanted to let you know that though you lost your photos, you will never lose your luggage again because you are the lucky winner of this week's Etsy giveaway for two luggage handle wraps of your choice!!
Email me and I'll get your shipping info and choice of two from you! Thanks!

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