Thursday, April 07, 2011

Old Enough to Want to Know You Better

Earlier today I was reading an old gchat conversation between my sister and I, where we were discussing what to name the baby she was pregnant with at the time.  The babe was born and named Olivia Grace.  Reading the old conversation made me curious about the first time I had thought of the name Clara.

Our baby girl was named after Spencer's grandma, Clara Lucile Worthen Cameron.  I remember that Spencer and I discussed it as a name we liked even while we were dating (how bold of us to discuss baby names when we weren't even engaged!) and we always liked the idea of having a Clara and a Charlie.  But did I like the name before that?  Maybe my gmail history would provide some clues....

I searched 'Clara' in my gmail account and found my way back to the very first mention of it: a song I had forwarded to a friend on July 18, 2006.  A song named Clara!  A song I had once loved, but since forgotten, in the haze of my comparatively music-less life.  How could I have forgotten a discovery such as this?  Or the fact that singing this song to me, apparently, was a way to my heart as recently as 2007?  Without further ado, I bring you Bart Davenport singing Clara (live! on a rooftop!).  I'm happy that my baby has a cool song of her very own.

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Joanna said...

I remember this song! :) Good choice.

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