Friday, May 06, 2011

St. George

As a celebration that busy season was over, we took a little trip down to St. George for a long weekend.  It was our first road trip with Clara and I was a little nervous when Spencer suggested going the "back way" (for maximum railroad exposure) as it takes a few hours more than the already-mildly-daunting 5 hour trek on I-15.  Figuring that it would be easier to pull off the road just about anywhere to feed or change Clara, I gave the thumbs up and off we went.  I guess I wasn't too surprised, but Clara did great!  She was totally content in her car seat, whether sleeping or just looking around.
All packed and ready to hit the road!
We stopped twice on the way down.  I have officially mastered the art of changing a diaper on the front seat of a car. :)
Spencer multi-tasking: holding Clara, entertaining her with a toy, checking his email and driving with his knees. :) This is during our first stop on the way down.
Hanging out by the pool protected from the wind and sun by her blanket.
While in St. George, we relaxed in the condo, went on a few drives, ate at Bear Paw Cafe, watched movies and attempted a hike.  I say attempted because we didn't last long on the trail.  It was super windy the whole time we were down there, and Clara still has that infant reflex where she holds her breath in the wind.  In order to keep the oxygen flowing, we headed back prematurely.
Clara's first (short) hike.

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