Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Balentine's Day

Lately when the topic of birthdays has come up (which it has a lot, with Betty's, Spencer's, and Grandpa Bob's all within less than three weeks) Clara says, "Happy Birthday Christmas!"  Her birthday is on Christmas Eve, so the confusion is understandable.  As is the fact that Valentine's Day stands on it's own.  And starts with a V.
February 12th was Spencer's birthday and I did a really dismal job of helping him celebrate.  With having a two week old and it being busy season for him, I just couldn't get my act together to make it a very special day.  Plus, he ended up having to go to a Jazz game for work at the last minute, so he didn't get home until almost 10:00.  On the 13th we finally had some cake together, and on the 14th he came home a little early (around 7:15) so we (Clara) finally got to sing to him and blow out candles.

During the week prior to Valentine's Day we worked on making some Valentines together for family members.  Clara did all of her own work and was totally into it.  When the 14th finally rolled around, we woke up to a front door covered in hearts!  The sweet young women in our ward "heart attacked" us and left some fun treats.
I made Clara a special lunch featuring lots of hearts and pink and red.  I wasn't entirely sure that she appreciated my efforts until we had quesadillas again later that week and she requested them in heart shapes.  Clara was showered with Valentine's Day treats and gifts from her family: a special Valentine's Day pillow case, a new book, a plastic Valentine cow that dispenses treats and a bouquet of Valentine's Day balloons.  

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