Friday, March 29, 2013

Betty - 2 Months

-At five weeks she was diagnosed with acid reflux and started zantac which didn't seem to help too much.  So we switched to prevacid, which seems to be helping a little.  She is a quiet and content little one, not a screamer like your typical reflux-y baby... but she coughs and chokes on spit up all the time and I can tell it's super uncomfortable for her.  Even Clara has started saying, "poor little thing," from hearing it so much from me.   
-Betty is still a sleepy little babe. She sleeps and sleeps!  At seven weeks, she is sleeping 9+ hours through the night. We are beginning to transition her to sleeping in her crib (she and Clara share a room) and it's going great.

-To be honest, not a lot changed between month one and month two for Betty.  This is where my worry and her pediatrician's worry set in... Her two month well-check was one of the worst days ever.  All of the casual questions the doctor asks when they first come in the room, about if baby is smiling a lot or sucking on their hands, actually have a purpose.  They're not just being chatty and friendly. And when you answer "no" to all of them, you leave the doctor's office with orders for a chest x-ray, a CT scan, and referrals to an opthamologist and early intervention program. (The actual concerns were that she was aspirating milk (a newborn with a cough is never a normal thing), that the plates in her skull might be fused together, that she may not have vision, and global developmental delays - thankfully everything checked out and other than a few delays she is a healthy little girl!)

-She's chunking up so well!  I think she'll definitely be in the upper half of the charts for a while.

-Betty loves to be held close and snuggled.  To calm her (although she truly is rarely fussy) or have her fall asleep in my arms I'll hold her super close at a slight incline and pat her back. She just snuggles in and loves it.

-We love Betty soooo much and feel so thankful to have her in our family.  I kind of feel like she's a well kept secret.  Clara is at such a fun and clever age that she commands most of the attention.  But people don't know that they might be missing out on one of the sweetest babies ever born.

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