Sunday, March 24, 2013

Clara - 27 Months

This month was a big one for Clara!  She started potty training about a week ago and is doing GREAT!  She still wears a pull-up for her nap and at night, but she uses the potty during all of her waking time.  We do have accidents occasionally and are still working on some things, but overall she's doing really well.  After she goes "tinkle" in the potty she will cheer for herself and say, "yay cla-wa!" and promptly follow with, "I need a jelly bean!" She's always really proud of herself for going and just beams at the abundant praise she receives as well.

She is such a great big sister and loves to hold and touch Betty.  She always wants to check on her and make sure she's ok.  She talks to her in the cutest sing-songy voice.

One of Clara's favorite things to say right now is, "Just a minute, I'll be right back!" and then she'll run into another room.  Or she'll run out and then come back and say, "I need to get one more thing.  I'll be riiiiiiight back."

She still loves nursery and has a hard time waiting until 1:00 on Sunday's for church.  She wants to go the moment she wakes up!

She wears a pink easter hat all the time. She just loves it!

We are finally getting some warm weather again, so she is loving being outside.  Usually she wants to swing, but then says she's done after about 30 seconds.  But she loves to play in her truck and just run around the yard.

She has a hard time saying mittens, kittens, buttons, etc.  They come out, "mints, kints, bunts." I love how she talks.

 She loves to "hang out" with her "guys" in her "spacket."

She always asks me to draw her "with a coat," so she can then color in the coat.

Clara loves to sneak into our room, open daddy's nightstand drawer, pull out a pen and business card/receipts/envelope and draw on it.  She will draw meticulous little circles over and over.  This is especially a favorite activity while I'm vacuuming.

We love our little sunshine!

Usually I do more of a "photo shoot" on the day of her month birthday, but I think I missed this one because we had family in town. So here's a smattering of mostly iPhone pictures from her 27th month.

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