Friday, April 21, 2006


I'm suddenly intrigued by the apathy that besets me. I guess I shouldn't even describe it as besetting me, since I welcome its urges without constraint. It's just funny how being a graduating senior in the last finals week of my life has brought such impassivity. While I could study for one of my two finals, I instead find diversion in packing up my life once again, playing the guitar and discovering new musical artists. I even started writing a new song while in the middle of recording my current piece de resistance: Missing Piece. It's true. I wrote a song based on Shel Silverstein's life-changing (for me) composition, "The Missing Piece Meets the Big O." The latter work is very much in progress and is yet untitled.

My musical discovery of the day is a young Washingtonian, Korby Lenker. I am especially a fan of his song "Papercuts." It reminds me osomeonene I used to know. I adore finding new music that reminds me of something, even if I know I've never experienced it. It's like everything I see reminds me of something I've heard in a song. Sometimes ultrasensitive emotions can only be expressed in a combination of lyrics and beats and tones. Music truly is the language of the soul.

I suppose I should mention that it's official. I will be spending my summer in two fascinating and contrasting cities: Portland, OR and New York, NY. Just to emphasize the differences a little more, let's look at some stats:

Portland: 556,000
New York: 18,976,457

Rent per Month
Portland: $300
New York: $800


Portland: 130 square miles
New York: 321 square miles

Singles Wards
Portland: 3
New York: 4

Portland: City of Roses
New York: The Big Apple

Year Discovered
Portland: 1843
New York: 1609

Shows I Plan to Attend
Portland: Sasquatch Music Festival
New York: Jose Gonzalez

Yeah, so this summer will definitely be an adventure! I am excited to learn a little more about life, myself and the advertising industry. Now, if I can only get through finals.

-Architecture In Helsinki-

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Amanda said...

Congratulations on your internships! You will certainly have an exciting summer. You are going to go on to do amazing things. I miss seeing you. Good luck on all your finals and graduation goings on.

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