Monday, November 27, 2006

Can't Get You Out of My Mind

So I didn't have much of a turkey coma this year. But I did just get home from five wondrous days in Greece. I can hardly begin to describe the place and my complete obsession/fascination with it. But here is my ode and a few favorite photos:

relics, ruins, oh so pleasing
tossing waves and winds a'teasing
boat rides leave me nauseous, cautious
autumn winds leave locals freezing
wanting, wishing, nothing more
than time upon Aegina's shore
sunshine shines on coastal boulders
kisses lips and toes and shoulders
temples touch a foreign sky
I dream -
I gaze -
I wonder -
O, marble city on a hill
where Paul once taught and people still
find solitude in Pagan cries
of earth and sea and sand and skies

Here I am with never-ending Athens. It really seemed to go on in all directions forever.
There were beautiful orange trees lining most streets. They were just so appealing, I had to pick one. With one bite I discovered why they were still on the trees - it was the most bitter sour citrus experience of my life.The Plaka stayed alive after sunset. There were plenty of Greek sales people trying to lure us in to buy their cheap mini parthenons. We only succumbed to one sympathetic shoemaker from whom we each bought a pair of sandals.Here I am with the Temple of Zeus. See how tiny I am? That's just how big the thing is. It is still blowing my mind.First modern Olympics: 1896. Yessss.
This dear little woman tends the church at the top of Lykavittos Hill. She was so quintessentially Greek, I just had to do a discreet photo shoot of her.
And here is the church with the bright blue sky. When we arrived, a storm threatened and the scene was completely black and white.
On our way down from Philopappou Hill after sunset.Jackie and me on Aegina. It was so so sunny and warm. We were pretty happy about that.We saw a pretty amazing sunset from an unassuming dock in the fishing village of Perdika.
There are all kinds of intimate little churches around the coast line of Aegina. On Sunday morning we rode bicycles around the coast and rang the bells of all the churches hoping to fill the tiny chapels. It didn't work.We left the islands and the seagulls in the sunset.

Ok, so I realize that this blog barely skims the surface of my 800+ photos from my Greek experience. Here's a video so you can experience everything I did. Well, kind of.



Amanda said...

Beautiful pictures Sarah! Looks like you had an amazing time!

Kendra said...

I'm more jealous than ever! It looks like you had so much fun and were able to do lots. It's gonna be hard to come back to the States after all your fun trips! I'm glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

i louvre your video montage!

my favorite was the little old woman series.

i miss you to pieces

Katie said...

That video was awesome! Looks like a fun trip!

I love the way you write. You should write a book.

Jo said...

i'm confused - did you go to greece more than once? i thought it was a work trip and you were the only girl along...i hate that you aren't around to explain all of these things to me!

Anonymous said...

ok so I know I don't know you but I love you anyway. Thanks for posting awesome pictures (rad video!!). I like seeing whats up with you guys from your blog because you tell/show more than jackerino. and I'm kind of obsessed with my sister. sweet!

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