Sunday, November 12, 2006

Just One Thing

first thing I noticed this morning:
-blue sky, yessss

random thing I appreciate in a person:
-ability to write well

thing I miss right now:
-my mission

thing I decided today:
-I'm joining the peace corps when I turn 30 (if I'm not busy with other things)

another random thing I appreciate in a person:
-good taste in music and/or appreciation for my [fantastic] taste in music

random thing that I'm a little OCD about:
-the organization of dishes in the dishwasher

thing I haven't done in a long time that I need to do:
-listen to an entire CD, start to finish

thing I'm really good at:
-keeping in touch

thing I wish I were better at:
-giving advice

another thing I haven't done in a while that I should:
-sit down and write a good, old-fashioned handwritten letter... but to whom?

thing I need to develop more tolerance for:

-boring people (or do I?)

thing I'm listening to right now:
-La Boheme, though I'm not sure it exactly exhibits what I would consider my traditional fantastic taste in music... it's Sunday

thing I ate today:
-the best grilled cheese sandwich of my life - how could anything in europe with cheese not be good?

thing I'm really excited about:
-going to greece next week!

thing I wished for today:
-better public transportation in more american cities

thing I'm trying not to think about:

-well, admitting it wouldn't help the cause very much, now would it?

-My Morning Jacket-

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