Friday, December 22, 2006

Dead Duck

What can I say? Even though I have some odd appreciation for University of Oregon, I'm true blue, through and through. I thought that U of O would bring a challenge to the Cougars, but by the third quarter I was bored with yesterday's Las Vegas Bowl game. One of the only things that kept me entertained was mentally exploring the possible reasons that Oregon chose such hideous uniforms. I have nothing against the green and yellow - I think it can look pretty sharp. But what's with the helmets that looked like radioactive baby spew? Honestly. I thought that Brady Leaf looked pretty stupid with his ungathered sleeves too. But why waste time criticizing the uniforms when we could really be tearing up their football game? I think my favorite part was when the commentator said, "This is becoming an old fashioned butt kickin'"

Go Cougs!

-Badly Drawn Boy-


jacq said...

oh man, i thought oregon's outfits were so sweet. i mostly liked the under eye mark things, i spent the majority of the 5 mins i watched the game wondering if those were individually painted, or stickers, or something?? dude i don't know

Carlos said...

I think that Oregon should have done their numbers in sequins. That would have been nice.

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