Wednesday, December 13, 2006

When I Look At The World

In less than twelve hours I'll be on a plane back to America. It's hard to believe that my time in Europe is over! In the past four months I have:

taken 37 trains
slept (in the same room) with 33 people
visited 32 cathedrals
visited 28 cities
taken 12 planes
mastered 12 public transit systems
visited 11 countries
been in countries where 10 different languages were spoken
slept in 10 beds
gotten 10 rides in a car
had 10 gelatos
had 9 crazy co-workers (give or take)
stayed in 8 hostels
eaten 7 waffles (the real kind with strawberries/bannanas/chocolate/caramel/whipped cream on top)
watched 6 movies
taken 6 "best couple '06" exclusive trips (Jackie and me)
been through 6 airports
used 5 bars of soap
been in 5 different cars
rented 4 bicycles
gone to church in 4 chapels
visited 3 museums
tossed 3 pumpkins
taken 2 taxis
eaten 2 things at McDonald's
had 1 incredible time...



Anonymous said...


Mooney said...

Yay!!!! Come see me soon.

Anonymous said...

i miss your face already

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