Friday, March 02, 2007

Rockin The Suburbs

Blogs are so much better when you're traveling or having some exciting adventure. If that's what you're interested in reading, please refer to my archive. Otherwise you might like to know that recently quite a lot has happened. Namely:

1. I found an adorable place to live in Sugarhouse
2. I got a speeding ticket on an on-ramp and I'm still trying to figure out how that is even possible
3. I saw Othello last week and think Iago is definitely one of the worst villains ever
4. I had the best Middle Eastern meal of my life at charming and delicious Mazza with my beloved Provo roommates
5. I've started to become one of those people who watches American Idol, but I'm not sure why. I think everyone does it so they have something to talk about with their co-workers at least three days out of the week.
6. I've definitely formed a solid opinion in opposition to Social Security
7. I attended my first mission reunion ever
8. I decided that I really want to see the movie Breach
9. I survived an avalanche of sorts on I-15
10. For the first time, the blog hits from India, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand actually make sense(hi Jackie!)

-Ben Folds-


Amanda said...

I think we need to hear more about this avalanche on I-15.

Jo said...

Are you really going to go to Sugarhouse, or is it just an option? Can't wait for our concert fun on Monday! BTW - I love that I knew about all of those events, it's so much fun being in the same state again!

MeganRuth said...

ohhh!!! did you take my reccomendation from the "cool things utah" post i made?

jacq said...

ahh!! i am so excited about your cute house. and i am still obsessed with your life even though i am in weird places. also, i want to know what doram said to you, did he finally admit his love and dying devotion?? good. we really need to hang out/catch up when i get back in a few weeks. i can't believe it has been SOOOO LONG!!!

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