Sunday, March 11, 2007

where my heart says I oughta be

Adrienne has inspired me. I've been thinking about experimenting.

One idea was inspired by this girl in Michigan who spent 30 days living in a self-created pre 1950's world. Now, I'm not willing/able to go as far as she did, but I've been tossing around the idea of going for a week without certain technologies. I can only do so much, because I have a job I'd like to keep. But my experiment would involve not using a computer at home, and not using it for any personal reasons at work. It would also mean no cell phone, and no tv. I'm thinking that I better do it soon (while The Office is still in rerun mode) or I won't be able to deal. Anyway, I'd like to get away from google, wiki, craigslist, the blogosphere, etc. for a little while and read more books, work out more, spend time with people instead of just emailing or chatting with them. I've had this idea for some time now, that certain elements of technology have destroyed the intimacy of communication. I'd like to see how I feel about it after going for a week without it.

The other experiment I've been thinking about is having a 'non-consult' week. Something I've learned about myself recently is that I'm constantly seeking other people's opinions about... almost everything. I knew it was bad when I called someone today to have them look up something online that I was about to buy in the store, to see what they thought. I'd like to see how I do on my own. I need to learn to trust myself more.

-Ben Folds-


MeganRuth said...

well i'm going to need your address so i can send you post cards during you non-technological quest.

there is no other way to communicate with you. do you have a land line? that was invented waaaaay long ago, does that count?

Amanda said...

Are you going to do this for 30 days? I don't think I can go that long with out my Sarah!

Since you are experimenting living in a 1950s world I think you should also be required to wear a poodle skirt and your hair in a pony tail :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poodle idea.

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