Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Shut Your Eyes and Sing to Me

Last night I saw who had easily become one of my favorite groups during my European excursion: Snow Patrol. I knew about them long before I moved to Belgium, but I definitely connected with their music in a new way while I was there. Especially this last album. It seems rare these days to find a group that sounds as good (or if you're lucky, better) live, and not just in the studio. Snow Patrol did not disappoint; they proved to be one such band. I got some clear images, but I liked the Giacometti feel of this one. They played lots of favorites, although I'll admit it's hard to tell some of their songs apart. It's easy to criticize them for sounding alike on so many tracks. But just try getting through a few lines of "You Could Be Happy" and you'll see that their genius is cleverly disguised. They rocked the night away, surprisingly one of my favorites was Set Fire To The Third Bar. Don't get me wrong, I love the song was just surprised at how well it was performed by the girl they brought out of the audience to join Gary. Overall, a great night.

-Snow Patrol-

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