Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Someday Never Comes

I was just reminded by one of my faithful readers that I have a blog that I've been neglecting. There's really no excuse except for the fact that I don't have the internet at home and sometimes (only sometimes) I feel bad about blogging from work. Apparently now is not one of those times.

So here's a post to satiate all thirst for updates on my life.

Last night I saw a rattle snake. And I heard a Brandi Carlile concert from outside Red Butte Gardens. And I went swimming.

Recently I've discovered that one of my co-workers says, "Right on" every time she either a) wasn't listening or b) has no clue what you're talking about.

I've also confirmed that I have zero to little tolerance for those who pride themselves on being politically correct. Or PC. Is one of those more politically correct (or PC?) than the other? I would hate to offend any of them. Seriously. Find yourself something worthwhile to pride yourself on. Like making fabulous chocolate chip cookies.

In other news, I have gotten three unsolicited phone calls about jobs elsewhere this week (and it's only Wednesday)... so maybe change is in the stars. Which would explain that horridly vivid dream I had a few weeks ago about getting fired from my current job (even though that would never happen) (unless I get in trouble for blogging from work).

More to come later. Promise.

-Brandi Carlile-

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