Friday, June 29, 2007

You Gotta Wake Up Slow

Two summers ago I worked at Nike and it changed my life. But not in the way I expected it to. I didn't land some fabulous job at headquarters, nor did I become a fabulously good athlete that they named a building after. Though I should mention that my athletic wardrobe is still benefiting from a hearty injection of free/nearly free Nike gear.

The real change came on a Wednesday morning when I sat in one of the conference rooms with all of the other interns for our weekly guest speaker. On this particular Wednesday, we didn't hear about his exciting job or brushes with fame... he was there to preach. (I later learned from my manager that he is known throughout Nike campus as 'The Preacher.') I laughed inside at his trite wisdom. He honestly told us "spread your wings and fly." You get the idea.

However, in his lecture he asked a question. "How many of you made your bed this morning?" A handful of people raised their hands. "Good," he said, "that shows discipline." Immediately I thought, "hey, I'm disciplined. I can do that."

And the bed-making began.

And it hasn't stopped. For over two years I've been diligently making my bed everyday. It may not seem significant, but I think I've gotten to the point where I'm physically incapable of leaving the house without making my bed. And that's why I'm a little worried. This morning I was running late. A pile of clean laundry was on top of my sheets and my covers were thrown recklessly towards the wall. I glanced at the clock. And then at my bed. And back at the clock again. I dropped my bag and made my bed.

The laundry? That's another story.

-Jack Johnson-


Amanda said...

So what if I make my bed at 4:00 in the afternoon? Does it still count?

Katie said...

In the 2 (practically 3) years that I was your roommate, you made your bed every day! I hope you raised your hand!

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