Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Till The Sun Turns Black

There's seriously a lot to catch up on - between a grand opening of my favorite store, a trip to Boise, one of the best concerts my ears/eyes have yet experienced, a hike to Silver Lake, a visit from my sisters, and a midnight hike to Lake Mary, I'm in serious need of some blogger time. But I've got to start somewhere...

On Friday, under what was thought to be the first of two full moons in the month of June, (later I discovered that my 'phases of the moon google calendar' is set to the eastern hemisphere, making Friday's experience nothing more than a waning gibbous) Spencer and I hiked through the remaining snow of Brighton to Lake Mary. It was a bit chillier than expected but the night was clear, the moon was nearly-full, and the company was good. We played with flashlights and cameras and got a few cool shots.

Click on this one to see it big - that's the big dipper!One flashlight, two people, night
Sepia mountains, moon and starsProbably some time around 3:30 am
The moon setting
Morning Lake MaryIn the early morning-Ray LaMontagne-


Mason and Erika said...

I am so impressed by your pictures (or camera?)... that I can actually see the big dipper. Amazing! and HOW did you stay up all night?!

jacq said...

apparently you have forgotten that you have a blog. come on!!

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