Thursday, July 07, 2011

Clara's Fan Club

We are so blessed to have family nearby.  Since having Clara, we have suddenly become quite popular and our local family loves to visit all the time.  It is a new experience for us, as well as for [both sets of] our parents and [Aunt] Carol to be a short drive away from a sweet new little family member.  I grew up typically seeing grandparents and other extended family for only a week or two in the summer, so this will be a totally different experience for Clara.  Going a week without seeing all four grandparents and Aunt Carol is a rarity!  Not to mention the Great Grandmas, second cousins, and Great Aunts and Uncles we see frequently.  We are thankful that she is surrounded by so many who love her so much and are wonderful influences in her life.
Grandma Carol reading Clara a story
Grandpa Bob and Grandma Carol take a look at a book with Clara
Grandpa Brent heading out with Clara (back in Feb)
Grandma Margie hanging out with Clara at Lagoon

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kwh said...

That is so fun to have so much family nearby! I'm definitely jealous. It's so great having my parents around right now to play with the boys while we wait for Jonas...this is the most impatient I've felt waiting for a baby and I'm driving myself crazy! I can't believe Clara is eating solids already too!!!

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